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Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing

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Finding People Who Don't Want to Be Found

Do you need to talk to a witness who has disappeared? If so, you need the skip tracing services of Interboro Attorney Service Corp. We excel in finding people who may not want to be found or have otherwise slipped off the grid.

In most cases, we can provide you with your subject's current address, past address(es), phone number(s), employment information, and more. No matter how challenging your location assignment is, we'll do whatever it takes to find your subject. If you need papers served to the subject, we can do it.

Our skip tracing services are available to attorneys and the general public. To learn more about having our experts locate someone, call us at 516-221-2000.

Skip Tracing With Nationwide Resources

We use an extensive array of nationwide resources to locate witnesses and other individuals you need for your case.
  • Public records and documents
  • Specialized databases
  • In-depth online research
  • Postal searches
One of our most useful tools is a postal search. We'll inquire with postal ities to find out if your subject receives mail at a certain address or if that mail is being forwarded to a more current address.
To Arrange Skip Tracing,
Call 516-221-2000
Our fully computerized office means you get quick, reliable legal support.
Special pricing is available for high-volume clients.
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